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Los Angeles Space Monkeys Show THIS FRIDAY!

Quinn here. Just a reminder that myself and Inbetweeners co-creator and all-around Hollywood fancy pants Iain Morris will be taking to the stage this Friday night at the John Lovitz Podcast Theater.  It’s going to be a Space Monkeys show … Continue reading

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The Inbetweeners’ Iain Morris joins the January 20th L.A. Space Monkeys Show

Quinn here. So any fan of TESD knows how much I love The Inbetweeners. It can’t be a mystery to anyone that I adore that show and, after he bought me endless rounds of alcohol in London, I also adore … Continue reading

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Walt’s Paper Mache Skull

Quinn here. On the 1/13/12 show Walt makes a request for a listener to make him a paper mache Day Of The Dead skull.  He is willing to trade a page of original artwork from War Of The Undead or … Continue reading

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Awesome Vinylcast News and Space Monkeys Live info!

Quinn here, with two cool info nuggets to distribute 1) With only 4 days left to order the TESD Vinylcast, Walt has dropped an awesome new wrinkle. He’s going to give away the original penciled artwork that he drew for … Continue reading

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Quinn here. So, yeah, the vinylcast has done well.  I’ll never be able to show my full appreciation for the support of our listeners on this, but I kinda figured I’d try. This week I’m going to purchase one of … Continue reading

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TESD 92: Stompin’ On a Dream

The band at the end of today’s show are friends of ours & for those of you who’re so sharp-eyed you make an eagle look like Mr. Magoo, you’ll notice that one of the two members of ‘ The Ribeye … Continue reading

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Vinylcast, A Job Offer And A Poster Contest

Quinn here. I’d apologize for the lack of updates to the blog lately, but it was never my responsibility to begin with so I’m happy to throw Bryan under the bus for this one. Despite the lack of blog activity, … Continue reading

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